Redefining The Modern Gentleman

Is chivalry dead? For those of us who are unfamiliar with the word 'chivalry', the first thing we'd want to know is its definition. According to the dictionary, it is the combination of qualities (and of course characteristics) of an ideal knight, such as honor, courage, readiness to help the weak, justice and courtesy. 

So back to the question, "Is it dead?" No, it's not. Did you know that women still appreciate chivalry? However, you don't have to be a knight to show chivalrous gestures even in the 21st century when being a gentleman is also about his morality, values and honor. In many cases, he is one that devotes his life to (and applies)  conduct at all times.

So, what makes a modern gentleman?

He is one that holds himself to a high standard, such as being considerate, polite and calm.  At the very least, he is one that ensures he's respectful towards women, who he treats with respect at all times.
You're a gentleman if you're sensitive about the wants and needs of your woman. For example, you care for the people she loves, or watch her favorite drama series even if you don't like it.
When going out with your woman, you choose a place to go but also consider her choices. You're one that gives her a push from behind when walking into the restaurant and leads her to her seat.  
When walking through a dark alley, you're protective of your woman, walking behind her to ensure she is safe.
As you see, these noble and small acts of kindness and attention makes her feel special... and that's what makes a modern gentleman.

But apart from respect, kindness and courtesy towards the opposite sex, you also ensure that you keep your words and live by them.
You are confident in your action and do those things you should do- what is right and what must be done with excellence.

And when the going gets tough, the modern gentleman knows how to handle himself, especially relevant when there is desperation in the hearts of the people around him.  He recognizes how to calm down other people and make them feel safe and secured around him.

In short, he can take control of the situation, displaying his leadership and confidence and making the people with him comfortable. They view him with a high level of respect, not only as a boss, in the case of a business owner, but as a person of might and courage.
When there is a disagreement, he remains calm and deal with dignity. He is one that won't sacrifice pride and values. Instead, he's going to use understanding, logic and objectiveness in the quest of winning those who disagree.

While doing so, he's going to listen, not going to give negative opinions or remarks. He keeps his mouth shut until he determines the right time to give a response.

A gentleman knows how to be polite and respect other people regardless of the situation, but he doesn't feel weak in the process. 
In fact, it's his firm (and lifelong) principle that even the most tensed of situations can be dealt with calmness and a clear mind.
To answer the question above again, chivalry isn't dead.  Plus, it is not only shown through the qualities we've mentioned above, but also through personal style and appearance.

How Sr. Cavalier Is Bringing Chivalry Back

A gentleman knows what works and what does not regarding his style, grooming and dressing up.  
Sr. Cavalier is here to bring the chivalrous man back! We're introducing a fine collection of men's accessories- lapel flowers, wooden bow ties, leather and classic bow ties- and soon adding more.

Incorporating classic and modern look, bow ties and lapel flowers are surefire ways of bringing back the 'ideal knight'. They're elegant, stylish and fashionable yet they don't get in the way (like long neckties), but keep up to the demands of the modern gentleman. 

These accessories are perfect for any occasion or event- formal or casual, as they work for both all the time.

Accessorizing in the Right Way

Trends come and go, but the man of style knows how to accessorize in the right way that will step up his fashion without looking too formal or too casual. The balance of both- that's what makes a fashionable, modern person.


Are you ready to bring chivalry back? Get started by accessorizing in the right way and achieve that unique manly look by checking out our bow tie and lapel collection today!

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