About us

Established in October 2017, Sr. Cavalier is your one-stop online store for the finest and distinctive men's accessories uniquely yours. We are here to redefine the modern gentlemen's essentials by providing men with fine-crafted accessories that work for every occasion.
Sr. Cavalier is created to be the hub where modern trends and classic elegance fuse into one and work in harmony! Our products are carefully picked to help you create that modern gentleman's look and style. We are here to equip you with the accessories and essentials you need in expressing your distinctive character and personality.
Humorous? Prudent? Serious? Geeky? Courageous? A bit flirty? Sensual? Sexy? No matter your character, Sr. Cavalier has something in store for you!
We recognize that the little things matter. Accessories, for instance, can make or break an ensemble. Not knowing how to accessorize properly, you may be into a disaster whether you are presenting for a business, going to a job interview, getting married to the woman of your dreams or simply hanging out on a Friday night.
Our pieces are handpicked and crafted by the finest accessory designers and manufacturers. They have unique designs, patterns and materials that make attire remarkable for the people’s minds.
Sr. Cavalier accessories can give you the edge among the rest that you deserve - regardless of your industry, passion and goals in life. We are here to complete your look that will turn heads and help you win the day.
Why the name Sr. Cavalier: He's the modern man that represents the true gentleman's actions, words, thoughts and fashion style. Combining into one, all these elements make the perfect chivalrous man that you are.
Meet "chivalry". Meet Sr. Cavalier- we're your one-stop hub for the finest men's accessories, bow ties and lapel flowers that step up every style.  Become the true gentleman that you really are.
Wear only Sr. Cavalier. Browse our wide collection of men's accessories here today!