Our Story

Glad to see and welcome you to Sr. Cavalier! Maybe you're wondering what our story is, how it all started and what motivated us to put up Sr. Cavalier, so you've reached this part of the website.
We're thrilled that you're taking some time to read our story.
We are a couple who over dinner were talking about chivalry and where did it go? Is it really dead? At certain points in our conversation, we stopped and simply imagine about that "knight".
Where is he now?  Is he really gone? Or he still around only in other forms and ways many of us might have been missing?
And where is the chivalrous look?  Why is it suddenly outdated? Or is it really out of fashion?
We have become very passionate about "chivalry". We're looking to bringing it back.
That is why we're setting out a mission - to create a one-stop hub where classic and modern would combine... something to bridge the gap between the past and the present (and perhaps also the future). We believe that chivalry still exists, not something only found in century old novels or history books.
That's what we are striving hard to achieve with premium quality pieces that will complete a modern man's look and style.  Sr. Cavalier envisions becoming a hub where every fine accessory to complete a formal or casual getup can be found.
What inspires us? We're inspired by modern chivalry. We believe (and maybe you too) that it still exists!
A gentleman that honors his words and actions, respects women, protects the weak, courageous (and gracious) under fire and calm in every situation. He's one who's certain about himself, his life's purpose and goals and has his compass.
The modern man never compromises just to follow the norm nor gives up his pride to adhere with "what's acceptable in the society".  He knows where he's going- and he's getting there with his passion, hard work and courage.
He is a man of honor that knows "right and wrong".  He has high moral standards and conduct.  And of course, he has high respects towards women, knowing how to please her, what she needs and wants and how to care for her in the best possible ways that he could.
Finally, chivalry is in a gentleman's fashion- the way a man dresses up, accessorizes and carries himself- simply astounding.
Sr. Cavalier believes that chivalry isn't dead because men of and with these qualities still exist. And for a 360-degree gentleman's package, we know the importance of accessorizing in the right way.
And wearing bow ties and lapel flowers can step up your look and style.  They're more than just a formal accessory you'd see at weddings or red carpet events, but also an everyday essential.
That's another inspiration for us. We believe that these accessories are always formal and casual all the time.  In fact, they can be worn even on casual occasions and functions, parties, offices, businesses and just in about any day-to-day purpose.
Discover Sr. Cavalier. Bring out the gentleman and explore it further.
Wear Sr. Cavalier bow ties and lapel flowers and always be on top of your game whether its business, work, study, play...all the time.